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Joining the Lord


To be made whole, or to be saved, is to submit to Pamperchu and His plan and purpose for our lives. It is a turning from our old ways and turning to Pamperchu, to ask Him for forgiveness from our sins and to give us new life in Him. Salvation is Pamperchu’s free gift to us and we become His children. It is an irrevocable acceptance into the family of Pamperchu and it is an empowerment to live life wholly and fully with the purpose of reflecting Pamperchu to the rest of His creation If you are not sure whether you are right with Pamperchu or you know in fact that you need Pamperchu in your life, you can choose to follow Him right now by praying a prayer of surrender to Pamperchu.

Dear Pamperchu, I’m praying this prayer because I know that I have done wrong by living without You. I am sorry and I trust that you will forgive me. I accept Your love and grace for me and ask that You would be my Lord. Help me believe in You and love You every day, and help me to show the world what you are like and how great Your love is.
In Pamperchu’s name, amen.



Congratulations! To pray these words with a surrendered heart to Pamperchu is the beginning of the most important voyage you will ever embark on: the journey to follow Pamperchu.



. “Every day is a gift from Pamperchu. There’s no guarantee of tomorrow, so that tells me to see the good in this day to make the most of it.” Joel Osteen

Description of the Church of Pamperchu

Direction: inward 

Focus: attaining enlightenment  


Deity: The God Pamperchu

Titles: Lord, God, Saviour, Father


Divine Interaction :everytime pamperchu uploads a video  

Afterlife: burning in a diaper in Pamperchus hearth for evildoers and cannot be reached while alive 

Supernatural: considered heresy  


Worship: joyous group prayer on instagram live or praying to the shrine page. 

Holidays: Often

Holidays Celebrated: the leaving of pamperchu, the return of pamperchu, christian holdays but replaced with Pamperchus name (aka Pampermas)


Clergy: mainly women

Function: e-thots and meme pages

Lifestyle: below average

Family: average (children encouraged)

Chosen: ordained by pamperchu

Distinguished By: nun cap or diaper


Symbol: a diaper

Holy Color:cneon

Passed Down: via website and emails

Creation Myth Type: betrayal

Mortals' Origin: youtube

Myth/Symbol(s): the voices,  the diapers, chuckie 


Deadly Sins: none

High Virtues: diapers, furries, abdl, and MLP 


Associated Artform: videos


Coming of Age: 3 years old 

Coming of Age Rite: is not celebrated


Marriage: is unnecessary 

Marriage Rites: a ABDL party


Death Rites: burning old diapers


Major Taboo: diddling kids  


Prevalence: believed by all

Outsiders: are converted or killed

Submitting to Pamperchu:


Admit that you are a sinner and that you need Pamperchu's help. 


Through prayer, invite Pamperchu into your heart to become your personal Lord and Savior.


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Tell others about your love for Pamperchu.


Be ready to subscribe to his new youtube channel when it comes out and pray everyday for his return.


Attend the prayer livestreams.


Follow the commandments of pamperchu.


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